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Legal disputes should be resolved with a minimum of time, expense and aggravation. Some disputes can be resolved through cooperative means like mediation. Other disputes cannot.

Attorney Lance Wogalter of Lance J. Wogalter, P.A. is an experienced litigator who has been certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a Circuit Court Civil Mediator and Family Law Mediator. Contact his office today for help with:

Mediate… Don’t Litigate Your Divorce

When it’s Possible, Mediation is Best.

Lance Wogalter believes that mediation is often in the client’s best interest, and he is certified to handle mediation for civil and family law disputes. Mediated disputes tend to have faster, less expensive and more satisfactory outcomes than disputes resolved through adversarial litigation.

Unfortunately, not all disputes can be resolved through mediation or alternative dispute resolution. If you are facing a legal conflict, ask yourself, “Should I Hire a Mediator?”

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