Civil Mediation

Resolving Florida Disputes Through Civil Mediation

You can save significant amounts of time, money and stress by using civil mediation to resolve disputes involving business, contracts, employment, personal injury, construction, real estate and more. In addition, studies have shown that civil mediation produces outcomes that are very similar to outcomes of trial litigation.

Attorney Lance Wogalter in Boca Raton, Florida has handled civil mediation since 2000. He has handled adversarial and trial litigation since 1992. He is certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a Circuit Court Civil Mediator. If you would like to schedule an appointment to discuss civil mediation, contact his offices today.

How Civil Mediation Works

All you need to conduct civil mediation are a licensed mediator, the two opposing parties and any documents that are relevant to the dispute. In fact, one reason civil mediation is so inexpensive is that you don’t need your own lawyer.

In essence, the process works like this:

  • Both parties (and their attorneys, if represented) initially meet with the mediator to discuss the facts and issues involving the dispute.
  • The mediator will facilitate negotiations and discussions between the parties.
  • When appropriate, the parties will separate to private rooms.
  • The mediator will meet with both sides individually to discuss the concerns of each side in confidence.
  • The mediator, utilizing techniques, assist the parties in finding common ground and eventually an agreement.
  • When the parties are represented by an attorney, the attorneys shall prepare a settlement agreement.
  • When the parties are not represented, Mr. Wogalter will reduce the agreement to a written settlement agreement.

Learn More About Civil Mediation

Lance Wogalter believes that when mediation is possible, it is the best way to resolve any dispute. If you would like to learn more about mediation, view the page “Should I Hire a Mediator?” or schedule an initial consultation with Mr. Wogalter. To set up an appointment, you can contact his office any time.