Contract Representation and Litigation

Contract Representation and Litigation

Florida Business Contracts: Disputes, Drafting and More

Without the certainty provided by a legally binding contract, it would be almost impossible to effectively conduct business of any kind. The law office of Lance J. Wogalter, P.A. in Boca Raton, Florida handles all aspects of contract law for a wide variety of businesses in South Florida.

Attorney Lance Wogalter has more than 15 years of experience preparing, enforcing and modifying contracts, litigating contract disputes, and investigating allegations of contract fraud. To schedule an initial consultation, you can contact his law office at any time.

A Comprehensive Array of Services for Business Contracts

Mr. Wogalter’s services regarding contracts can be divided into five separate categories:

  1. Drafting and preparation: Mr. Wogalter can help you draft a contract that will stand the test of time and help you avoid contract disputes.
  2. Enforcement: If the other party violates the terms or your contract, Mr. Wogalter can help you enforce the agreement.
  3. Modifications: If you or the other party needs to make a change to the contract after it has been signed, Mr. Wogalter can work to protect your interests.
  4. Fraud: If the other party has committed fraud or has accused you of committing fraud, Mr. Wogalter can help you resolve the situation.
  5. Litigation: Mr. Wogalter worked as a trial lawyer since 1992. He provides experienced, personalized and dedicated representation in contract disputes.

Florida Lemon Law

Mr. Wogalter frequently handles contract disputes involving Lemon Law. If you buy a new vehicle that turns out to be defective and in constant need of repair, you can go before a panel of judges, engineers and mechanics to ask for a refund and compensation for the repairs and other inconveniences caused by the defect.

At the law office of Lance J. Wogalter, P.A., the client’s best interest is the number one priority in every case. Mr. Wogalter always works to help clients reduce the conflict, time, expense and stress associated with contracts and contract disputes. To schedule an initial consultation, contact Lance J. Wogalter, P.A. today.

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