Family Law

DIVORCE – DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE Florida is a no-fault state, meaning neither spouse is blamed for the breakup. All that is required to obtain a divorce in Florida is to prove (1) the marriage is valid, (2) one of the parties has been a Florida resident for six months, and (3) the marriage is irretrievably […]


MEDIATION Mediation, which can be described as “assisted negotiation,” is the fastest growing Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) method. Many courts now require that disputes be mediated before they are heard in court. Mediation is different from arbitration in that in mediation, the parties create their own settlement terms with the assistance of a neutral mediator. […]

Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation In order to dissolve a marriage, a lawsuit must be filed, but it is no longer necessary to follow the traditional path of litigation to work out the terms of the divorce. Today many couples are turning to mediation to resolve their disputes and negotiate the terms of their divorce. Mediation is a […]

Understanding Alternative Dispute Resolution

Understanding Alternative Dispute Resolution Alternative dispute resolution arose from the frustration of clients, lawyers and judges with the high cost, low speed, and adversarial nature of litigation, the traditional method of settling legal disputes. ADR is becoming increasingly popular in resolving conflicts involving commercial and labor disputes, divorce, motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, and other […]

ADR: Using Mediation and Arbitration to Resolve Legal Disputes

ADR: Using Mediation and Arbitration to Resolve Legal Disputes Civil actions are the traditional method for resolving disputes. But concerns about court congestion and delays, rising litigation costs, and the negative psychological and emotional impact of litigation have increased the use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques. Two frequently used ADR processes are mediation and […]