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Lance J. Wogalter, P.A. is dedicated to helping clients (both plaintiffs and defendants) solve legal problems and resolve disputes with a minimum of time, expense and stress. Attorney Wogalter will put your best interests first, every time. To schedule an appointment, contact the firm today.

Resolving Disputes Through Mediation

  • Should I Hire a Mediator? Attorney Wogalter believes that when mediation is possible, it is almost always the best way to resolve the dispute.
  • Divorce and Family Mediation: Spouses who use family mediation to resolve their divorce generally report being much more satisfied than spouses who don’t.
  • Civil Mediation: Business, personal injury, employment and other disputes can reach quick, efficient, satisfactory resolutions through mediation.
  • Mediation Without Lawyers: One reason mediation can be inexpensive is that you don’t need your own lawyer to engage in mediation. All you need is a licensed and certified mediator.

Services Provided By Our Law Practice

  • Dissolution Of Marriage: When your marriage ends it can be both traumatic and overwhelming. Attorney Lance Wogalter has profound experience in these matters and as your advocate can help to protect you during this trying time.
  • Family Law: Lance Wogalter handles divorce, divorce mediation, and paternity.
  • Personal Injury Law: Lance Wogalter handles the many aspects of Personal Injury law including and not limited to auto accidents, trip and fall, slip and fall.
  • Contract Representation and Litigation: Mr. Wogalter can help you prepare contracts, modify them, enforce them, litigate disputes and handle disputes involving fraud.

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