Should I Hire a Mediator

Using Mediation to Resolve a Florida Dispute

Attorney Lance Wogalter has been certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a Circuit Court Civil Mediator and as a Family Law Mediator.

Having handled trial litigation since 1992, and having been a Certified Mediator since 2000, Mr. Wogalter believes that mediation — when possible — is the best way to resolve civil or family law disputes. See below to find out why, or contact his Boca Raton, Florida law firm to schedule an initial consultation.

The Clear Benefits of Mediation

  • You Control the Outcome: In trial, a verdict comes from a judge who has known you for maybe a few hours. In mediation, you and the other party work cooperatively to reach a settlement that you both find agreeable.
  • Mediation is Less Expensive: You don’t have to pay any court costs in mediation, and depending on the complexity of your claim you may be able to conduct mediation without a lawyer.

When Does Mediation Not Work?

Mediation can be used to resolve almost any civil or family law dispute. This includes divorce, personal injury, business disputes and employment law.

However, sometimes, the conflict is so contentious that the opposing parties are unable to cooperate to reach an agreement. In addition, mediation cannot work in divorce cases that involve domestic violence.

When is Mediation the Best Choice?

Mediator Lance Wogalter believes that whenever mediation is possible, it is a better method of dispute resolution than adversarial litigation. If you believe that you and the other party can work cooperatively to come to an agreement over your dispute, then mediation could save you a significant amount of time, stress and expense.

If you would like to schedule an initial consultation to discuss mediation with Mr. Wogalter, contact his law office today.